Use /firstScoreAbs true command option (Tested in version 4.7.2): If this option is set, the score reported by the engine is taken to be that in favor of white, even when the engine plays black. "stockfish_4_32bit.exe" -fd "path\Stockfish" -fUCI /firstScoreAbs true ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


xboard is not a UCI user interface, so you'll need to install the Polyglot adapter to make it work. Once you have the Polyglot installed, you'll need to edit the polyglot.ini file. Read here for instructions on how to do it. Please note Polyglot is not a very professionally made software. You'll only be able to find some old documentation. The whole process ...


UCI2WB which you can find it in Winboard packages. PolyGlot is another option. Many modern chess GUIs doesn't need external converter such as ChessX, Fritz, ...

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