Questions about or involving pieces not used in orthodox chess; such as but not limited to the nightrider, archbishop, chancellor, and or amazon. Such pieces are also often referred to as "fairy pieces".

This tag is for questions asking about or revolving around unorthodox pieces, otherwise known as "fairy pieces". Some common examples of such pieces include but are not limited to:

  • the "amazon", a queen+knight compound;
  • the "archbishop", a bishop+knight compound also commonly called a "princess" and sometimes a "cardinal" or "janus";
  • the "chancellor", a rook+knight compound also commonly called an "empress" or "marshal";
  • the "nightrider", a piece which may make multiple knight-steps (n2-1 steps) in the same direction in one move as long as the landing squares along the way are unobstructed;
  • the "mann", a piece which moves exactly as the king does but is not counted as royal (cannot be checked or checkmated and may move into an attacked square) and also commonly called a "commoner" or "guard"