First, kids and adults, the rules are the same, so there is no difference there. What you are asking about goes beyond just the rules: It comes down to intent. Whether an adult, or kid, there could be an erroneous claim; and if it is really just that, then the TD should just fix it assuming it is caught in time. It is just a mistake. Other types of ...


What you are really looking for is a pairing program which will perform team round-robin pairing, allow you to enter results and display the results online. There are two obvious candidates, one expensive and deluxe, and one cheap (free on Linux) which requires a bit more work on your part. The expensive option is Swiss Manager. This does everything you ...


Did you already see lichess.org? This website has great tournament functionality. E.g. you can start a swiss tournament and add the participants by making them part of a team. Hence there will be no outsiders present. Hope this helps :)

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