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Questions relating to the Queen

The Queen is the most powerful piece. It can move either up, down, left, or right (like a ), or diagonally (like a ), in any, but only one, available direction per move, and moving along any number of unoccupied squares per move. The Queen captures (see ) by moving to occupy the square of an opposing piece. In standard chess, each player begins the game with one Queen next to his King. For White, the Queen begins the game to the left of the King, and for Black (whose setup is mirrored by White), the Queen begins to the right.

The Queen has an approximate value of 9 on a scale of 1-9, where a Pawn has the value of 1, Knights and Bishops each have the value of 3, and a Rook has the value of 5.

The symbol for the Queen in most notations (see ) is Q.

For more information about Queens, see the Wikipedia article.