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Here's a very good one. Make sure you pause the video when you are prompted to do so. Try to find the decoy tactic yourself:


The longest known sequence is 22 plies long. [Title "Alexey Khanyan, Tim Krabbe's Website Diary Entry #267 2008, Mate In 11"] [FEN "4Q2Q/4r3/4n1n1/1bbK1krn/RR1RR1RR/2qn1R1n/4n1nN/Q3Q3 b - - 0 1"] [startflipped ""] 1... Ng2f4+ 2. Rfxf4+ N2xf4+ 3. Rgxf4+ Nh3xf4+ 4. Rhxf4+ Ndxf4+ 5. Rxf4+ Nhxf4+ 6. Rxf4+ Ngxf4+ 7. Rxf4+ Nxf4+ 8. ...


We don't know- for instance, it's entirely possible the starting position is just mate in 10000. However, the obvious answer if we modify the question slightly to the longest forced mate known can be found in an endgame tablebase (a collection of endgame positions, with evaluations and time to mate). The Syzygy tablebase is an example. The current record (...


There seem to be many ways to mate in 6. That is the best I found. Here is one. [FEN "4k3/8/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQ - 0 1"] 1.e4 Ke7 2.Qg4 Kd6 3.Qg7 Kc5 4.d4+ Kb4 5.Bd2+ Ka4 6.b3#

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