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How helpful is high-diving if you want to become a better competitive swimmer? They are separate competitive Olympic sports, which both happen to take place in a swimming pool. In chess, both game-playing and problem-solving are recognized by FM, IM and GM tiers of certification. See the attached chessbase report of this year's world chess solving ...


No answers here, and I haven’t seen any solution in the rest of the world. So I thought I would post a work-in-progress here. First let’s take a baby step. Which player is the one who has all these adventures? Suppose that it’s White. Then the pawn which moves in W9 (White’s 9th move) makes 3 moves to reach the sixth rank. In addition, another pawn makes 5 ...


I would not normally answer this, but the real answer was deleted by its author for some reason, and is hidden. I also think that the original -3 for the question was more due to the original poster not being a native English speaker so I edited that too. This is from the game Diaz Carias-Cordovil, 1966 Olympiad. Black resigned after 30.Bh6+, which is the ...


Not useful at all. They never show up in real games and your time is wasted. You should be studying tactics problems from real games if you want to improve.

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