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In a side line of the Italian Game: Classical Variation, Giuoco Pianissimo, why is blacks a point ahead here?

You don't say who has the move, but after trying to reconstruct the early moves I think it is White. I would certainly rather have Black, although I am not quite sure by how much, and I'm not just ...
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Best Repetoire Building Tools

It depends on what you mean with "best". ChessBase The objectively best tool, and the tool that nearly all professionals use, is ChessBase with the Mega Database (highest-quality and most ...
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What openings fit the tastes of a positional player?

You can go with ruy lopez with white and sicillian defence caro-kann for black, these openings have a positional taste in them, in the opening phase your main objective is to prepare your pieces for ...
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Opening name change of one game at

Before a sufficient number of moves is played, the exact name of the opening cannot be determined. And the key term to answer your question is transpositions: ... is a sequence of moves that results ...
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Best Repetoire Building Tools

I use Chess Openings Wizard in a way I can improve my opening knowledge. My method: Enter the right moves (your personal choice) in Chess Openigs Wizard. Do the drill-excercises to learn the moves by ...
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London system move order nuances Qb6 without Nc6

I think White reacted well when the Black Queen came out. As mentioned by koedem, playing Nf3 earlier, specifically 4.Nf3 in both variations, might make sense. From Black's perspective, 4..Nc6 and 4.....
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Does this chess variant exist, and has it ever been considered for official tournaments?

Before the variant you propose can be considered for something even remotely like 'official' tournaments, it must have been proved in practice: particularly the selection of starting positions. Until ...
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What do I do in unfamiliar openings?

I think @Evergalo's answer is 100% the best due to its conciseness. For those seeking a bit more detail... 10 Opening Principles from A First Book of Morphy by Frisco Del Rosario: Open with a center ...
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Can't understand where is my fault in this game

The early game wasn't too accurate but the problem doesn't really come from there. You placed your queen on f3 way too early and without a clear purpose, then by putting your bishop on e3 and knight ...
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