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I believe that the tactics rating start on 100n rating. After solving puzzles, the change in rating decreases, so that eventually, you'll reach a rating which reflects your accuracy.


Hanging Pawns has quite a few videos that annotate GM games, and I'd say they're probably intermediate to maybe expert (using your format) Agadmator has a ton of videos annotating GM games (often released mere hours after the game finishes!) I'd say probably beginner-intermediate on your scale. Note that both of these channels annotate after the game, not ...


There are plenty openings you could use in blitz, but, i think the slow solid and positional openings need more thinking, thus you could lose. I would suggest playing like Mikhail Tal, make sacrifices without calculating the move too much, and try to complicate the position for your opponent. I have used this in many of my games,i complicate the position, ...


My own web application can help you (1) Paste the PGN text into the 'PGN import' tab. (2) Adjust the speed of animation on the 'diagram' tab. (3) Click 'download animated diagram'.

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