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Longest checkmates in (almost) fully covered boards?

I offer a board that is only half full - sorry! Plaster the board with white bishops on black, add a white knight and both kings, and then remove two white bishops. (Published as Schwalbe (194/11467), ...
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Longest checkmates in (almost) fully covered boards?

Presuming no errors with my human analysis, I again steal from myself and offer 74 moves long, on a fully covered board. [FEN "qqqqNqBN/Pqqqqqpp/qBqqqqpk/qqBqqqNP/qqqBqPRN/qqqrBRPR/qqqqqBPK/...
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1 vote

In how many ways can a black king get checkmated by 2 rooks?

I am changing this to a community answer because the task is too daunting for me alone. Whoever can contribute, please do ! Answer in progress : Assuming n>=5 bK not on the edge When the bK is ...
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Are all moves or types of moves (see details) in chess possible?

Since no one has answered yet, I will try some simple analysis first. Let's first make sure all vanilla moves/move types are possible without considering ways for the game to end. In the data, all ...
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Up to which number of moves has the result of chess been calculated?

It's hard to start from the opening position, as then you don't know what the result of the line is. Instead, chess is "being solved" from the end, with endgame tablebases. All positions of ...
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