Understand that playing is for practice, so you shouldn't be afraid of losing elo points. One trick you could try is making a separate account and calling it a practice account, which I suppose psychologically would help you from the fear of losing elo points.


A few openings come to mind immediately come to mind and aren't to "theory heavy" for beginners. Two that I use to frequently come up against between the 800 - 1500 ELO rated players were the Fried Liver Attack which you can convert to the Traxler Counter Attack. The Other was a fairly central game from white which I find the Caro Kann quite ...


The minimum is 3 years old at most: Misha Osipov (3 yo) vs Anatoly Karpov (2016). (not sure terminology here...did i just describe the infimum aka greatest lower bound? idk lol)

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