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Puzzling phrases

What is being talked about are called Odds Games, which are indeed handicaps. It is not a common practice these days. Here’s a quote from that gives the right idea. “During the 18th ...
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How big a rating difference between TOP GM and a patzer would be equivalent to odds games?

Has chess improved that much since Morphy that the odds would not be feasible to give to anyone other than absolute beginners? This is certainly not the case. Kasparov played a master-level player in ...
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Equation for Handicap

Are there any sort of equations for how much of a handicap one should receive to make a game between two players with differing Elo ratings as balanced as possible? The short answer is "No", ...
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Can we quantify the handicap for playing blindfolded?

It really depends on the player, because some top players are used to think about their position without looking at the board (Nakamura, for instance is very often looking somewhere else during his ...
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Is there a heuristic for how much time handicap to give players of different skill levels?

we have even odds when poor player myself (1200 lichess) gets 5 minutes and stronger player him (1900 lichess) gets 1 minute That's probably not too far out. As I wrote in this answer about some of ...
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Is a "Strong King" handicap really as powerful as is claimed?

It depends on how we measure the effectiveness of a handicap. Here's what I mean by that: If we are trying to increase the likelihood that the weaker player wins, queen-side odds are more effective ...
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