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What are the ideas behind Grob's Attack (1. g4)?

Disclaimer The ideas behind 1.g4? are not sufficient to justify such a weakening first move. The grand scheme In an ideal world, White's strategic aim after 1.g4 is to build as much pressure as ...
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Grob Opening lines

You played 1. g4 and you're not pleased with a "weird position". Do you know why 1. g4 has any value other than comic? You're aiming to post a knight on e4, and the g4-pawn is there to knock ...
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Borg and Grob comparison

Well for 1.d4, White's able to win a pawn outright with 2.Bxg5. In 1.e4, the extra tempo gives White better chances to capitalize on Black's dubious move.
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