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An unusual scotch sequence -- why not take a free pawn?

Black's knight is almost trapped - it's got literally nowhere to go after 5. c3. By avoiding the trade, therefore, White forces Black into contortions to avoid losing a piece: 1...a6 2. a4! leaves ...
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In this position, why is Nb4 better than b4?

Nb4 is the best move, but what is an explanation for why it is the best move and why b4 is not a good move? In the position where you played b4 your knight on c2 is under an x-ray attack from the ...
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Where can I get a free engine to play Hexagonal Chess?

You can find a well implemented hexagonal chess app for mobile, Chexx, quite intriguing, it implements Glinski's hexagonal chess variant just like Hexodus, also has online, friend invite and multiple (...
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