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Problem with tablebases

If you only have those files then the engine needs to calculate positions that are not in the files. In your case I expect it is calculating the effects of pawn promotion which would need to ...
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Why is 11...Qg6 the best move in this line of the italian?

The queen is well placed on g6 facing the White king and hitting the weakest point of the castle, g2. You were afraid of 12.Nxe5? but this pawn is protected by the Nc6, so no, the Black queen doesn't ...
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Humanlike chess engine that isn't a neural network

That would be a fun goal. Last year we have a discussion on "Ideal Chess Engine for Kids (for Practice)" in talkchess. I tried to make some of its requirements in my engine CDrill. For ...
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How is Stockfish so fast?

Perft speed can be affected by: Coding language - for example, compiled vs interpreted. Bulk counting - whether you un-make leaf nodes - I believe SF doesn't do this, which makes it significantly ...
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