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For Hauke, here is a "quiet" position as was challenged. :) [FEN "5kBK/5P1P/5P2/4nP2/5p1N/5Pp1/6P1/8 w - - 0 1"] 1. Ng6+ Nxg6+ 2. fxg6


Example showing why the checking condition is needed to make this an interesting puzzle: [FEN "k7/Pp4p1/1P6/8/8/6p1/1P4Pp/7K w KQkq - 0 1"] Whoever moves, the game soon ends in stalemate, and either side may be stalemated thanks to the double-move option.


Since Evergalo asked, I also post a solution, where neither side is in check at the start. Problem chess etiquette says that everything that the composer does not rule out explicitly isn't cheating - for example, I used a promoted bishop, since bPh7 makes the pawn structure illegal - but ingenuity. Thus I immediately accepted the answer, especially as the &...


I am not sure if this is exactly what you are asking for, but here is a try. [FEN "8/8/8/2p1p1p1/2P1PkP1/4Q1RB/3PPpPp/3n1Kbr b - - 0 1"] [startflipped ""] 1... Nxe3+ 2.fxe3+ {2.Rxe3} Kxe4 {2...Kxg3} 3.Rf3 Black to move has only one legal move: 1...Nxe3 check. Now: 2.Rxe3 immediately stalemates Black. 2.dxe3 Kxe4 3.Rf3 stalemates Black ...

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