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Are there any ... books for Chess960 openings Yes. Amazon has the Kindle edition of 960 Stems: A Complete Guide To Chess 960 Openings by Ray Charles Gordon. Understandably there is no tree-based edition as it is a (not surprisingly) 2865 pages. According to the blurb: 960 Stems is Ray Charles Gordon's landmark, single-volume opening reference for Chess 960....


2019 Update: From 'Regulations for the 2019 FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship' Unless I missed something: On page 9 there are 5 mentions of 'set up of the pieces', but there is no mention to exclude the standard setup. Wish they emphasised that the standard setup is still included.


And now obviously there's FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship 2019 (just an update. of course there's no way this could be an answer back in 2013)


A recent paper investigating how chess variants change the game calls this variant simply self-capture chess. This paper used neural-network AIs to play through many games to find patterns of play. According to the paper's authors, they found that self-captures happened not infrequently and in some interesting ways. Self-capture moves can be used to open ...


In theory, you need 10,000 hours of (good) study to master any subject. A four year goal would require about seven hours per day. GM Donaldson, quoted some time ago, studies five hours a day before a tournament just to stay at his level. The most effective improvement is in tactics. Tactics is said to be 99% of chess (various authors) and most games are ...


This link explores a way that white can force a draw. Perhaps this is game-breaking and makes the solution process much easier. I am only an casual chess player and I’m mainly transcribing “5D Lexi”’s analysis. My attempt at transcribing it (there’s no standard notation for 5D chess) e3 Kf6 Bb5 c6 c3 ... The idea is for white to go for Qb3 and then Queen ...

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