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I see that some participants have posted here two of the games played vs Capablanca in simultaneous. I found other of her games in but against other people, these were official games, some of them at World Women championships.


I have looked at sources in Spanish (mainly Cuban) and most of them purport the same story (similar to that presented in the question) copied and pasted. However, a couple of sources present a somewhat different story. An article in the journal Tribuna de La Habana says (my translation): With humility and pride she always kept in her memory the two ...


I have found a source in Spanish that is like the cuban enciclopedia and tells that those games were played in simultaneous games.


The databases are going to be entirely incomplete. She became the Cuban Champion early in the early 20's but there isn't a single game recorded anywhere. The only documented game I can find of her is against Capablanca. This isn't overly surprising as she was privately tutored by him. So there is absolutely no doubt that they were known to each other or that ...


To answer this question you would first have to explain what you mean by "long". If you define "long" as over the number of games played, then the next question is "which games do you count?" It shouldn't be surprising that if a grandmaster plays in their local weekend circuit against much-weaker players, they are almost never ...

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