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This set up is often called "The Hippo", a possible reason is that bishops look like the eyes of a hippopotamus. For example: Eric Rosen: Don't Mess With The Hippo


1.b3 is Nimzo-Larsen attack. You can check with Lichess database.


The setup after b3+Bb2 or g3+Bg2 (or on Black's side b6+Bb7, g6+Bg7) is called a fianchetto Doing this on both Kingside and Queenside is thus called a "double fianchetto"; I don't think there's a more specific name than that.


1.b3 is called Larsen's opening, while 1.g3 is Benko's opening. They are examples of openings that are collectively called modern or hypermodern. If you have doubts about opening names, I think the easiest thing to do is play them on a chess engine. Usually the engine will then tell you what is the corresponding name of the opening.

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