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In your diagrammed position Bc4 seeking a trade makes sense since the f1-a6 diagonal is not an active deployment of the Bishop, and Blacks Bishop pointing at a2 near the White king should not be tolerated. Once the Bishops are on equal standing, the decision to trade or not then would be based on other factors. Basically answering your question of who would ...


This position is from an early stage of a 960 game where the pawn position has not yet stabilized and it has little in common with the London system. Both sides will probably need to move some more pawns to get their pieces out, since particularly the Rooks and Knights are clumsily placed. A plan for either player must be comprehensive, taking account of all ...


This position is equal or maybe White is slightly better. If there were open files it'd be a different story, though!


One of the key principles of opening play is that control of the center is vitally important. If one of the players has complete control of the center then they can much more easily launch an attack and it is much more difficult for the other player to defend. A white knight on c3 supports/attacks e4 and d5. A white knight on f3 supports/attacks e5 and d4. ...

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