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Uncovering the Accelerated Dragon opening

Dragon The opening is named after the Draco (Latin for dragon) constellation because if you remove all the pieces and just look at black's pawn structure with the pawns on g6 and d6 it looks like ...
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Uncovering the Accelerated Dragon opening

The main difference resides in the strongest counters that White has at its disposal. If you play the Classical Dragon, then White can try the Yugoslav attack: [Title "Classical Dragon. Yugoslav ...
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Uncovering the Accelerated Dragon opening

The differences are really comes down to what you want to avoid or allow, meaning mostly the Maroczy Bind. The Accelerated Dragon primarily allows the the Maroczy bind, so you would need to play the ...
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Why is f3 not as strong in some sicillian dragon?

This question is about the Accelerated Dragon, where Black hasn't yet committed to playing d6. The entire point of the Accelerated Dragon is to dodge the Yugoslav attack lines you want to go into, ...
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Accelerated Dragon, Modern Bc4 Variation (B35) 10.Ndb5!

The line 8.Bb3 a5 9.0-0 d6 still occasionally occurs in games of IMs and GMs, and the results are actually quite ok for black. For example, Hou Yifan-Yu Yangyi, Kudrin-Diamant, Vishnu-Vazquez Igarza ...
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Uncovering the Accelerated Dragon opening

There's the Dragon, Accelerated Dragon, and The Hyper-accelerated Dragon. Each are measured by how quickly the pawn goes to g6 and each have unique variations. You can YouTube each to get a taste. ...
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Sicilian Defence or Caro-Kann also help with Queen's pawn opening

For a more meaningful answer, it'd be a great idea to know what your current skill level is. That being said: Knowing an opening is not about knowing "what's on the book". If you can't find ...
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What's the verdict with Qa5 in the Accelerated Dragon?

In master level games (2400+ for both) 8. 0-0 is the only move. White scores rather too well (34% wins) after 0-0, with black having 15% wins. Including lower rated players white scores 38% wins vs ...
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