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A number that approximates a player's skill. The actual meaning of the number depends upon the issuing organization. FIDE ratings are used as the international standard for over the board chess

"Intrinsic Chess Ratings" by Regan and Haworth, PDF. They analyzed the games of players of various rating ranges from various time periods with an engine, and found no significant difference in the mistake rate between games from the 70s and from the 2000s. …
answered Dec 3 '15 by RemcoGerlich
I want to add two details. First, FIDE does not have provisional ratings. The "Rp" you see on that page is your performance rating for that tournament. It is based on the rating of your opponents and …
answered Jan 8 '13 by RemcoGerlich
This is extremely hard to say, because the initial position is probably a draw. Besides playing perfectly, the computer also has to set problems for the opponent. If the position is a draw, then ther …
answered Apr 11 '14 by RemcoGerlich
this site: The Automated Chess Rating Utility website Sites like Chesstempo have only tactics puzzles, but they also ask users to enter their FIDE rating and use this to calculate a correlation … between Chesstempo and FIDE ratings; inaccurate, but better than nothing. But again: a rating is an estimate of how well you did in competitions. Estimating ratings some other way seems a bit besides the point -- why not just play in competitions? …
answered Feb 21 '14 by RemcoGerlich
My Lichess blitz rating is very close to my FIDE classical rating. But is that correct? The FIDE rating is based on slow (six hour), over the board games, in my case usually in team matches, one per …
answered Jul 26 '17 by RemcoGerlich
the computer ratings are derived from computer v computer games. So it's 2200 plus or minus an error margin that could be hundreds of points. I have no idea where you got the rating number from, but I … suspect it's a rounded number and may even be a pure guess by the engine author You have a FIDE rating of 2300, achieved in FIDE rated over the board tournaments. But do you play at exactly the same …
answered Sep 9 '19 by RemcoGerlich
I am surprised that the paper "Intrinsic Chess Ratings" by Ken Regan and Guy Haworth hasn't been posted yet. It is exactly what's asked for, serious research into rating inflation. PDF Basically … they got games from three periods (1976-1979, 1991-1994, 2006-2009), in several rating ranges (e.g. both players within 10 points of 2200, within 10 points of 2300, etc), and excluded types of games that …
answered Feb 12 '13 by RemcoGerlich