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A series of chess games between a number of player, who compete for a set of prizes. Chess tournaments are of different formats and categories, and they can be open or by invitation only

FIDE used to publish contact details for arbiters but they no longer do so. However if you can look up any of the three mentioned arbiters and find contact details locally that would be your quickest …
answered Feb 23 by Brian Towers
You can find the final rankings here to get a list of all participants. You could then check the names against the FIDE ratings website which would tell you the gender of the player. A quick glance t …
answered Mar 9 '15 by Brian Towers
I live in the UK ... Do you need to be a member of a federation? Yes you do. You need to become a member of the English Chess Federation. You can do that on their website. You either need Silver …
answered Apr 18 by Brian Towers
games shall not be greater than 2 or less than –2. Each system may have exceptions to this rule in the last round of a tournament. g No player shall receive the same colour three times in a row … . Each system may have exceptions to this rule in the last round of a tournament. In the last round of a tournament the requirement to allow the highest placed players to play each other in the …
answered Jun 4 by Brian Towers
to enter a FIDE rated blitz tournament. The ECF doesn't grade blitz and FIDE don't charge federations for rating blitz so you will end up getting a FIN free of federation membership fees. PS. I'm guessing you already know "j'adoube". The other useful word is "remis" for when you want to offer a draw. …
answered Feb 27 by Brian Towers
registered with FIDE in Sudan are given here - This shows that there is only one tournament registered to be played in Sudan. It … is a blitz tournament starting on 17th April. Note that is in the future. It has not started. It is not a tournament which has already finished. That there is only one FIDE rated tournament
answered Apr 15 '18 by Brian Towers
The stress you feel comes from the adrenaline that your body produces to help you fight or run away. So the best way to handle this physical reaction is by physical things. First, before the game tr …
answered Jan 30 '18 by Brian Towers
The most brazen example of this occurred in a tournament in 1975 in Luton, England when Tony Miles (Britain's first native born over the board IGM) and Stewart Reuben (now a respectable member of the … tournament. It ended badly, however, when the arbiter decided to award both players 0. According to Wikipedia the relevant rule used was: a player may only offer a draw at the moment he has made a …
answered Dec 26 '14 by Brian Towers
on the FIDE website. These include - An annotated copy of the FIDE Laws of Chess Guidelines for Organisers FIDE Competition (Tournament) Rules General Rules and Recommendations for Tournaments … , or do I just pair the players randomly such that each player plays every other player in the tournament? For your question the important section is section 7. Pairings in the FIDE Competition …
answered Mar 5 by Brian Towers
The section you quote from the FIDE handbook is very clear. It is the responsibility of the individual national chess federations to register their players. It is not the responsibility of the players …
answered Sep 11 '17 by Brian Towers
To back up the other answers, yes of course it's a rule. Moving with one hand and pressing the clock with the other is cheating. As a right-handed player (i.e. I write with my right hand) I make the …
answered Feb 19 '15 by Brian Towers
start playing stronger players as much as possible. If you are regularly playing tournament games against players 300 or 400 points higher than you then you may end up getting beaten up regularly but …
answered Dec 22 '14 by Brian Towers
I think that in a FIDE tournament you would fall foul of article 11.3a During play the players are forbidden to use any notes, sources of information or advice, or analyse any game on another …
answered Dec 20 '14 by Brian Towers
Over the summer when there was no league chess I organized weekly themed blitz tournaments in our club. They are a lot of fun, encourage players to play openings they wouldn't normally play, get them …
answered Nov 18 '18 by Brian Towers
have lodged an appeal with the appeals committee for the tournament. FIDE rated tournaments are required to have an appeals committee to which you can appeal during the tournament. This committee is … usually composed of players in the tournament and disbands when the tournament finishes. Finally, if you took all those actions and still did not get a satisfactory answer you could appeal to your …
answered Jun 3 by Brian Towers

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