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Tactics are the concrete maneuvers (e.g. forking two pieces with a knight, pinning a piece to the opponent's king, or unleashing a discovered check) that chess players use and combine in order to achieve their overall goals in a game. They are the building blocks which underlie successful strategies.

Truth is there isn't a lot out there for chess. The best I could find was this from the Ankiweb site - There aren't many free decks for chess but it does gui …
answered Nov 7 '17 by Brian Towers
There are no advantages. The really big disadvantage is that after: 1. f4 BxN 2. bxB QxQ 3. RxQ Bxe4 you are completely lost, a clear piece down with no compensation whereas after 1. Qh5+ Kf8 2. Qx …
answered Mar 4 '16 by Brian Towers
In his award winning book, Pump up you Rating, Axel Smith advocates something he calls the "Woodpecker Method". This is named after Hans Tikkanen (Tikkanen is Finnish for woodpecker) who first used th …
answered Jan 1 '18 by Brian Towers
First of all Willy Hendriks' book "Move First, Think Later" is clearly not for you nor firtydank. It is for the more experienced player who is already very familiar with the rules, vaguely aware that …
answered Dec 27 '14 by Brian Towers
with little in the way of tactics. If you can get the queens off early so much the better. Kramnik gave the ultimate example in his match with Kasparov when he used the Berlin Wall variation of the Ruy … . Of course you would normally aim to do these things anyway (wouldn't you?) but when aiming for a draw make these your priority before any tactical plans you might be tempted by. When tactics do …
answered Dec 27 '14 by Brian Towers
Tom, you seem to be confused. This Many beautiful and celebrated master games feature heavy sacrifices of material that result in check mate, or at least the re-gaining of more material than …
answered Jul 26 '15 by Brian Towers
Ben Johnson produces a weekly chess podcast called "The Perpetual Chess Podcast". The format is roughly an hour long interview with a personality from the chess world. As well as top grandmasters he …
answered Jul 18 '18 by Brian Towers
It makes no difference whether you deliver mate in 3, mate in 33 or your opponent resigns. On the score sheet and the tournament results you get the same score: 1-0. If you see a clear win then play i …
answered Apr 6 '16 by Brian Towers
Ra2 moves the rook off the diagonal of the g7 bishop thereby preempting any tactical tricks that might occur later. It is better than Rb1 since then Qa5 would embarrass the bishop on a3. It also lea …
answered Dec 24 '15 by Brian Towers
my feeling is that Caruana lost the game, more than Carlsen won it. Whenever two players play a game without making any errors the result is a draw. Most games have lots of errors and it is usual …
answered Nov 29 '18 by Brian Towers
These tricks work much better in bullet, where flagging is probably 50% of the game, than in blitz. The obvious one is to reply to the start of a fianchetto by threatening the square the bishop is ab …
answered Mar 9 by Brian Towers