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A series of chess games between a number of player, who compete for a set of prizes. Chess tournaments are of different formats and categories, and they can be open or by invitation only

more motivation than being able to play in a single tournament. If you're female, 2200 FIDE (about) is easier but will still require years of effort depending on your current skill level. …
answered Apr 11 '16 by Cleveland
This is difficult to answer. They are generally stronger in some or all of the following areas: Tactics Endgames Planning Recognition of positional features Openings However, they may be weaker …
answered Sep 20 '15 by Cleveland
way, way too low. To get to GM like that you would have to make massive rating gains in every tournament you play, which is not a realistic plan. You should be aiming to play every single weekend at …
answered Nov 30 '14 by Cleveland
Based on ("b/") 25 entries in the section, its total prize pool will be $600. That money will be distributed as $250 for first place, $150 for second place, $100 for third place, and $100 for the top- …
answered Jun 25 '16 by Cleveland
of the 1-3% of female players at a large open tournament. They receive constant attention and stares (it is much worse if they are conventionally attractive). Some women like this or are not horribly … example. I count 23 events that she has played since Novemeber 2012-the last time that she played in an open tournament. In many of those 23 she played not a single woman that was higher rated than …
answered Sep 11 '14 by Cleveland
A cigar box is one way that I've heard of in the past. Those scorebooks are totally 100% absolutely worth it btw. It's vastly more organized than having hundreds of loose sheets.
answered Oct 11 '14 by Cleveland
It looks like the tournament is run by the Continental Chess Association. From my experience playing in many CCA tournaments, the d10 is applied to both time controls. …
answered Feb 17 '19 by Cleveland
At the recent US Open I started the tournament well and was paired against a GM in the roped-off area. I had worked out the pairing well in advance and was able to do some fairly heavy openings … the tournament directors remark to another that my opponent was probably preparing for the game. After the game (he had 350 rating points on me and ripped me to shreds even in one of the lines I had …
asked Aug 19 '14 by Cleveland
votes I think it's safe to say that the Smith-Morra is playable at the 1600 level.
answered Jul 17 '17 by Cleveland