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Tactics are the concrete maneuvers (e.g. forking two pieces with a knight, pinning a piece to the opponent's king, or unleashing a discovered check) that chess players use and combine in order to achieve their overall goals in a game. They are the building blocks which underlie successful strategies.

Maximum distance between knight and any piece. Distance between king and passed pawns. Distance between knight and passed pawns (has to be calculated because the knight can give a check to gain time). …
answered Dec 1 '13 by Rauan Sagit
Moving f2-f4 will make your King weaker since it opens g1-a7 diagonal as well as weakening control over squares e3 and g3. Advantage of making f2-f4 is that you increase control in center by controlli …
answered Mar 5 '16 by Rauan Sagit
The general idea of a gambit is to sacrifice a pawn in order to grab the initiative. The goal of the Danish gambit is to attack the black king before it has time to castle. Try the more sharp [FEN "" …
answered Dec 7 '13 by Rauan Sagit
allowed for calculating the position It is generally considered that tactics (i.e. combinations that lead to winning material or delivering checkmate) are the engines' speciality. There is a double … against. I don't recall any cases where engines missed tactics. But by going through the game databases, especially from engine versus engine tournaments, there should be examples of one engine calculating better than its opponent engine. …
answered Mar 27 '14 by Rauan Sagit
White to move in that position? It looks pretty lost for black. White should probably choose 1.Rxa7 to grab the pawn and retain the control over the vital seventh rank. I guess that blacks best option …
answered Feb 2 '14 by Rauan Sagit
Tactics, calculation, dynamic play. Topics often talked about but seldomly understood at their very depth. I cannot claim to cover the whole subject in this post. Yet hopefully I will scratch the … your own games. Training correctly and truthfully is very hard. Training will give results. The best way to improve your dynamic play (I don't really like the term tactics because it somehow makes it …
answered Dec 1 '13 by Rauan Sagit
Major edit (no intro, just straight to the point): Is there a good place to get a real understanding of the middle game, or is it just raw calculation? Maybe I am missing a positional understa …
answered Nov 30 '13 by Rauan Sagit
I just adore the Najdorf. So I cannot help favoring it over the Scheveningen. Yes, these two variations differ. They differ because white uses a bit different attacking strategies. The great thing abo …
answered Dec 7 '13 by Rauan Sagit