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Zwischenzug or in-between move is a move that does not react to e.g. the opponent's threat, but rather creates a new e.g. threat as a response. For example, white has a Nc3 and black plays b5-b4. Instead of moving away the Nc3, white can reply g4-g5 and hit a black knight on f6. Another in-between move would be to deliver a check with Bf1-b5+ to a black Ke8. (

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Josh Waitzkin chessmaster mastery quiz - order of check vs trade in bishop and knight endgame [closed]

Update: The computer aspect of this can be answered with showing more lines such as in the lichess engine where Bxh3 is strongly preferable to a5+. Note: See this meta post. In re the answer of Brian ...
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Why Qxd5 instead of Rxd5?

This puzzle on chesstempo caught my eye. We play as Black: [FEN "1r1r2k/p4pp/2q/2p1p2P/P1P1Pn/B3NP/4Q2P/R6K w - - 0 1"] 1. Nd5 The White queen is under attack, yet one shall not rush and ...
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Why and when should one make a zwischenzug (in-between move)?

I know enough German to know that the term "zwischenzug " means "in-between move." Another translation I've seen is an "interpolative" move. Why make such a move? An ...
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What are the origins of the words 'zwischenzug' and 'zugzwang'?

I've heard chess analysts use the words Zugzwang (being forced to make a bad move) and Zwischenzug (making an intermediate move which improves the outcome of the next move) in commentary. Does anyone ...
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