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Questions tagged [wesley-so]

Questions related to the Filipino-American Grandmaster and inaugural and current (as of 2021Jan20) World Fischer Random Chess Champion.

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How Did Alireza Firouzja Qualify Over Wesley So for the 2024 Candidates Tournament?

I've been following the recent developments in the chess world and noticed that Alireza Firouzja qualified for the 2024 Candidates Tournament, overtaking Wesley So in the process. Can someone explain ...
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Is Titled Tuesday now 2x week still 2x a day? [closed]

It says last week Wesley So Becomes 2nd Player To Sweep Titled Tuesday On a day when he played a match in the Champions Chess Tour, GM Wesley So also found the time to win both Titled Tuesday events ...
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Is there an engine evaluation technique that factors in 'time'?

An interesting game played out between Wesley So and Levon Aronion1: [title "Wesley So vs Levon Aronian"] [fen "rn4k1/p2bP1b1/2q5/1pp2p1Q/2p5/8/PP3PPP/3R1RK1 w - - 0 1"] So was in ...
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What are all the world chess championships (such that...)?

Wiki says: Magnus Carlsen is 'the current World Chess Champion, World Rapid Chess Champion, and World Blitz Chess Champion'. Wesley So is the 'current World Fischer Random Chess Champion'. What world ...
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Are banter blitz players who draw arrows on the board during the game breaking the FIDE Laws of Chess?

According to the FIDE Laws of Chess: 11.3.1 During play the players are forbidden to use any notes, sources of information or advice, or analyse any game on another chessboard. Streamers and ...
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Should any information written on the scoresheet by the players be accurate?

The FIDE rules state: 12.4 The scoresheet shall be used only for recording the moves, the times of the clocks, the offers of a draw, and matters relating to a claim and other relevant data. I ...
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Taking notes of time usage during game [duplicate]

While I know taking making any notes during a game is against the rules (and Wesley So was disqualified for this), does this include denoting the time usage after each move?
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Two questions about Wesley So vs Varuzhan Akobian (2016)

Here is a link to the game itself. [FEN ""] [White "Wesley So"] [Black "Varuzhan Akobian"] 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Nd7 5. Nf3 Ngf6 6. Nxf6+ Nxf6 7. c3 c5 8....
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Why is taking notes that encourage oneself illegal in chess?

In Round 9 in the US Chess Championship 2015 Men, Wesley So (2794) was forfeited by the arbiter in his game against Akobian (2622) since So took notes that were not chess-related but contained "...
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