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Questions about uncbv, a tool for extracting the contents from ChessBase database archives (.CBV files).

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search for the debut chess book

I have been playing chess for a long time, I think every chess player who was more or less eager to comprehend the vastness of this game and reach new heights has a challenge - there is no single main ...
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Is there a way to convert a .cbh file to PGN without a GUI?

I want to convert a .cbh file to PGN (or whatever format meta information (elo, player, score, etc) from which I can eventually convert to dataframe/json/anything easy to work with). The most popular ...
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Comments from (commented !) games lost in "ChessBase to Scid on the go" conversion process [closed]

EDIT 1, 20/04/2020 In my question, I focused on the game Vachier-Lagrave vs Carlsen, Sinquefield Cup 7th, Saint Louis, 28/08/2019. It has annotations in english in my ChessBase database, and it has ...
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