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13 votes
8 answers

Both grandmaster and PhD/doctorate

Who have PhDs/doctorates that are also grandmasters? Conditions: standard GM only eg no WGM (see there for WGM version), no International Correspondence Chess Grandmaster no honourary PhDs/...
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6 votes
1 answer

Who is the oldest player ever to beat a reigning world champion?

Per title. I'm interested in all time controls. This record isn't in the Wikipedia list of Chess records. Related: Youngest Player to beat a reigning World Champion? which asks for the youngest player....
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Both (at least) WGM and PhD/doctorate

Similar to this question Both grandmaster and PhD/doctorate but for at least WGM (WGM, female IM, female GM, etc) Among woman grandmasters, who have PhDs/doctorates? Conditions: standard WGM only eg ...
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Where can I find a list of commonwealth women's chess champions?

Note: Since I'm asking for improvement and downvotes in meta usually answer a yes/no question with 'no', I guess there's no room for improvement. Interesting... I don't see a women's list here: ...
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