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Sudden drop in performance

I usually play against playmagnus age 10 and I always lose to it more than I win or draw. But recently (around few weeks ago) I've been trying to improve my games and I saw some results, I'm ...
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Online platform for chess coaches to discuss syllabus and pedagogy

There are many online platforms for chess players to have discussions. Such platforms include websites that are predominantly made to play chess (such as,, etc.) as well as ...
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Who is Jachislaz Osnos?

I was reading this article on Gata Kamsky, and I came across the name Jachislaz Osnos. The article states he was Korchnoi's trainer. Does anyone have any further information on him?
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How to practice openings in Fritz 18

Is there any way in Fritz 18 to choose a specific opening from a list of openings and play against the computer? I can do this on and Lucas chess. I want something similar. How do I have a ...
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