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A series of chess games between a number of player, who compete for a set of prizes. Chess tournaments are of different formats and categories, and they can be open or by invitation only

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Real reason tournament director of Teplice Open in Czechia tried to ban Ukrainian players?

I have just seen that FIDE has stepped in and told the organisers of the Teplice Open that they may not ban Ukrainian players from the tournament. Searching for more information as to why a tournament ...
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Where to find cross table for 1956 Thanksgiving weekend Eastern Open?

Berliner won this tournament. Chess life/review reported it. Newspapers reported it. The Eastern Open in 1956 was Thanksgiving weekend in the YMCA in DC. Berliner won it. Rossolimo, Lombardy, ...
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Rating decreased suddenly without reason, FIDE rating displayed wrongly in the website can anyone have such Problems

My son's rating opened when he played international match during August 2023. The rating was displayed in FIDE website on the last date of August, and it was 1156. Later on September he played another ...
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Algorithm for generating Jamboree chess pairings

Is there any algorithm that generates pairings for a Jamboree chess tournament, given the number of teams, the number of players in each team (no. boards) and the number of rounds? I've read somewhere ...
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FIDE vs naive vs delete1-Buchholz (Danger, Math)

FIDE-Buchholz BF: the one that is used in "official" tournaments and defined in the FIDE rules, somewhat complicated. Considers bye, forfeit and other not played games. Naive Buchholz BN: ...
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Fritz 18 Position Setup For Engine Match

The other day, I saw a GothamChess on two engines playing the King's Gambit. I thought to myself that it would be interesting to do the same thing, so I tried it in Fritz 18. I know that I have to ...
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Tournament dropout probability

Is there any concrete data about the probability than a random person will not end a tournament? (Obviously, the data can be further tallied with regard to age, Elo, rounds, prizes :-) and whatnot...) ...
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