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FIDE vs naive vs delete1-Buchholz (Danger, Math)

FIDE-Buchholz BF: the one that is used in "official" tournaments and defined in the FIDE rules, somewhat complicated. Considers bye, forfeit and other not played games. Naive Buchholz BN: ...
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Why is a win better than 2 draws in the tiebreaks

When I play chess tournaments and I have 5/2/2 in the tiebreaks I always lose to players with 6/3/0. So why is a win better than 2 draws? Which is the logic behind it?
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How to calculate USCF's Modified Median (with or without byes)?

The calculation is described in the "USCF Chess Rule Book", chapter 34E1, 34E1. Modified Median The Median system, also known as the Harkness system for inventor Kenneth Harkness, evaluates ...
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Online Neustadtl Sonneborn–Berger score?

Where can I find a site that calculates Neustadtl Sonneborn–Berger score (or Sonneborn–Berger score or whatever) given a cross-table? Closest I found is this. Eg Given the cross-table (implied from ...
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Was Carlsen disadvantaged by the Sonneborn-Berger tiebreak due to his high rating?

After Carlsen was excluded from the 2021 FIDE Rapid championship playoffs by the Sonneborn-Berger tiebreak, chess24 reported: He (Carlsen) criticized the rules, saying it would give his opponents an ...
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How is Buchholz score calculated in a Swiss tournament?

I would like to know how the Buchholz tiebreak system works, and how it is calculated, taking into consideration other factors such as bye, no show (default win), etc.
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