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Better-known term for "cyclic" zugzwang?

What's the term for a zugzwang position P where White is winning, with or without the move White's best way to win from P is to execute a tempo-losing manoeuvre which leads back to P with Black to ...
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How many moves needed for a knight to go from any square to any other square?

I want to find a sequence of knight moves that has a given origin and destination squares, preferably with the minimum number of moves. I can iterate over knight moves and collect visited squares, ...
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Can you solve this chess problem of king and pawn against all opposing pieces?

[FEN "8/8/8/2p5/1pp5/brpp4/qpprpK1P/1nkbn3 w - - 0 1"] I found this interesting and unique chess problem online. Disclaimer: This is not a plausible position from a game, however it is ...
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