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For questions involving the use of technology to deliver continuous multimedia data related to chess. The tag refers to the delivery method, not the actual content.

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Why did the Botez sisters withdraw from Judit Polgár vs The World?

Judit Polgár vs The World was a unique simul that took place in March 2022. In the initial article on the FIDE website, the Botez sisters were listed as one of the participants in the simul. However, ...
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Why hasn't the rating of full-time chess streamers improved?

Analyzing the five titled players from this question: Anna Cramling's rating appears not to have budged in the last year, presumably because of COVID. Andrew Tang's rating appears not to have changed ...
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How has chess managed to remain a competitive sport despite engine dominance?

As much as people fear losing their jobs to machines that can do them better, Chess has seen the exact opposite take shape. There have been extremely strong chess bots since Kasparov's time, and more ...
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Which chess pro's are in esports organizations?

All I got so far: Alex & Andrea Botez - Envy Hikaru Nakamura - TSM (team solomid) Andrew Tang (Penguingm1) - C9 (cloud9) Nemo Zhou Qiyu (akanemsko) - CLG (Counter Logic Gaming) Is there some ...
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Are banter blitz players who draw arrows on the board during the game breaking the FIDE Laws of Chess?

According to the FIDE Laws of Chess: 11.3.1 During play the players are forbidden to use any notes, sources of information or advice, or analyse any game on another chessboard. Streamers and ...
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