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Stockfish is a strong open-source chess engine.

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Highest depth ever achieved

I saw a guy that went into depth 70 with no search moves at 41, 192, 897, 168, and 184 nodes from the starting position on Stockfish a few years ago. I would like to know if this is still a record or ...
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Setting up Stockfish for Droidfish

I would like to set up Stockfish for the android app Droidfish. How do I set up a server for a Windows machine (my linux machine is too weak) using SF13?
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How to turn off Contempt in engine analysis?

I'm trying to analyze a game with the python-chess package, and for that I want to turn off the "Analysis Contempt" option in Stockfish. However, it seems it doesn't work, and I don't know ...
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Clear Stockfish hash table after every move conveniently

When analyzing a game with Stockfish I sometimes find it confusing that evaluation of a given position changes depending on what positions I had analyzed previously. I understand that this is because ...
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