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Stockfish is a strong open-source chess engine.

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Highest depth ever achieved

I saw a guy that went into depth 70 with no search moves at 41, 192, 897, 168, and 184 nodes from the starting position on Stockfish a few years ago. I would like to know if this is still a record or ...
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Setting up Stockfish for Droidfish

I would like to set up Stockfish for the android app Droidfish. How do I set up a server for a Windows machine (my linux machine is too weak) using SF13?
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Are these depth-41 Stockfish evals the result of a horizon effect?

I was using lichess's analysis board for Stockfish's analysis of this line in the French: [Title "French Defence, Steinitz Variation"] [StartFlipped "0"] [fen ""] 1. e4 ...
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2 Chess engines versing eachother in scid

How can I make 2 chess engines play against each other in Scid on serious game? I remember I managed to do that one time, but this time, I can't seem to find a way.
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How to turn off Contempt in engine analysis?

I'm trying to analyze a game with the python-chess package, and for that I want to turn off the "Analysis Contempt" option in Stockfish. However, it seems it doesn't work, and I don't know ...
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Record stockfish level 8 in atomic?

What is the shortest possible game against Stockfish at its hardest setting in Atomic Chess? You cannot allow the computer to blunder the game on move 1 or 2, otherwise the shortest possible game is 3 ...
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Clear Stockfish hash table after every move conveniently

When analyzing a game with Stockfish I sometimes find it confusing that evaluation of a given position changes depending on what positions I had analyzed previously. I understand that this is because ...
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How to use chessbase to find moves that produce "only winning sequences" if present?

A lot of times you may find yourself in a losing position, and with best play surely, you'll stay losing, but there is a possibility that you make a move which is not necessarily considered the best ...
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Stockfish Evaluation Bar like

I programmed my own chess website and I have stockfish included (v16) to play against. Im trying to make an evaluation bar like on but I cant seem to figure out how. I thought about using ...
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Why does Stockfish continue analysis and report a non-zero result for a position with insufficient material?

In the position shown in the image, Stockfish (via the lichess interface) shows a top line of 91 ... Rxe5 92. Bxe5 Kxe5 93. Kc5 Kf5. 94 Kd5 Kf4 and so on. It reports an evaluation of +0.1 for the line....
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Is there any stockfish web api?

I would like to create a web page with a stockfish analysis which evaluates the sharpness of position, but to do that I would like to avoid to upload myself a Stockfish program in the cloud. I would ...
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What could explain strange performance pattern among Stockfish engine variants?

I have run computer chess tournaments among Stockfish engines, set up for various nominal strengths. The results were really strange, some are in reverse order to their supposed performance. For ...
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