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Questions on whether behaviour or actions should be considered "in the spirit of the game".

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What will/should the arbiter do if the side which cannot theoretically lose resigns?

Assume that in an endgame, one side cannot theoretically lose (for example, his opponent has only a king) and he is not in any time crisis. In this case, what will/should an arbiter do if this player ...
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Why is it acceptable to resign?

In nearly every non-chess field of competition I can think of, it is generally considered poor sportsmanship to quit before the game or match is played to completion. When playing other board games* (...
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30 votes
8 answers

Is it poor sportsmanship to resign immediately after a major blunder early in the game?

In a recent (online) game in which I had black, my opponent played an opening variation with which I was unfamiliar. That, a very aggressive attack, and lack of adequate time to think through my moves ...
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4 answers

Making an inferior move to get out of threefold repetition?

Let's say it's the last day of a tournament and white needs to win a game in order to advance to the next stage or something like that. Unfortunately, he reaches a position where there is no way to ...
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Is there a specific penalty for intentionally damaging chess pieces or the board?

If a player intentionally damages a chess set (e.g. breaks a piece in two, cracks the board, etc.), is there a specific penalty under FIDE rules? I'm not talking about moving pieces around ...
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What is a move that "is recorded in such a way that its true significance is impossible to establish"?

According to FIDE rule E.8 on temporary adjournment (my emphasis), Except in the cases mentioned in Articles 5, 6.9, 9.6 and 9.7, the game is lost by a player whose recording of his sealed move: ...
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5 answers

Is it unsportsmanlike to underpromote to improve my chances?

Is it unsportsmanlike to underpromote a pawn to improve my chances? Sometimes I reach a won endgame where underpromoting my pawn will result in a slower but easier final checkmate. Old example, ...
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Why do some players consider it rude not to accept a rematch in online blitz? [closed]

I play a lot of online blitz, and frequently my opponent would offer a rematch after a game. Although I sometimes accept, I usually am more interested in analyzing the game to see if I can learn from ...
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What are some of the most unsportsmanlike conducts witnessed in over-the-board play?

Back when I was in high school, I played chess with a group of other students. One of the students would pick on me sometimes. Once, we decided to play and he cornered me into a forced mate in two. ...
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When losing in blitz, is it rude to play to win on time?

In blitz, I frequently find myself in a position where I'm hopelessly losing on the board but have a good chance of winning on time (and the other way around). Is it generally considered good ...
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Resigning (Inevitable Checkmate)

I am a relative beginner to chess but have noticed particularly playing online a lot of players will resign if they lose a strong piece, for example, their queen. Is this sportsman like? I wouldn't ...
30 votes
15 answers

Are there moves in chess that are considered unsporting?

In many sports, you often find legal tactics that are considered unsporting by fans, spectators and/or opponents. For example, in football (soccer), it is often considered unsporting to simply pass ...
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