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For questions related to the solving, solvability, or proved solutions to chess and chess variants.

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Is chess a solved game?

Chess is a zero-sum game of limited decisions. The number of possible moves at any given point, and the number of possible states of the board, are all finite. Tic-Tac-Toe, is one of the easiest ...
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Is the result in mini-chess known with perfect play?

I do not know, if "mini-chess" is the official name of the game I am talking about. In mini-chess, the players only start with the pawns (In particular, there are no kings!) The players ...
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Has loser chess been solved?

Loser chess has a benefit of sorts. There are many turns where moves are forced. So my question is, has it been solved? I'd say that the move tree is much smaller than chess. If not: How much would ...
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Is there a forced win in CastleChess?

Is there a forced win for White or Black in the chess variant CastleChess? The rules are explained in this post on an obscure blog named “Cinquante signes”, although it is originally from ...
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Non-Tactical Puzzles

Its surprisingly hard to find chess puzzles where the solution is not necessarily tactic resulting in checkmate or a heavy win of material. The problem with these tactical puzzles is that they do not ...
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If there was a perfect play from both sides, but each player was allowed to do 2 moves every time, would white win?

Imagine a game where players are allowed 2 moves instead of one. If there were perfect play from both sides, would White win?
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