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Questions about chess-related software, but not including chess-playing engines; there's a more specific tag for those questions, the [engines] tag.

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Chessmaster: Modern version of lectures?

Thing 1: This lichess study says Examining positions from Josh Waitzkin's academy, Larry Christiansen's attacking chess, and other exercises or games from this (now) ancient chess program in light of ...
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Rules of Baroque chess

I want to do an AI project in implementing a Chess agent, so can anyone please let me know the Rules of Baroque chess.
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Tournament Search In Chessbase Online

How do I search for games from a specific tournament in ChessBase Online? For example, to see games from the United States Championship, you have to search for "USA-ch". How would anyone ...
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How to turn off Contempt in engine analysis?

I'm trying to analyze a game with the python-chess package, and for that I want to turn off the "Analysis Contempt" option in Stockfish. However, it seems it doesn't work, and I don't know ...
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Chess Tree Visualization Tool (no engine or database needed)

Looking for a Good Visualization Tool I am looking for a good tool to use for visualization of the game tree and for exploration of variations during correspondence games. The tool would need to ...
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How can I automate finding games that had brilliant moves in it by a particular player on

There's a feature on for highlighting brilliant moves. I have 30,000 games back to 2015 in one account before that statistics feature came online, and I'd love to hunt for any brilliant ...
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Why is futility pruning causing an Elo drop in my engine?

I'm getting weird results when introducing futility pruning into Blunder. On the one hand, I'm getting a pretty sizeable reduction in nodes, and I'm searching a full ply deeper for some positions (e.g....
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ChessBase and Scid vs Pc Annotation

I am legally blind, but I love to play chess. I like to annotate games. does it right in my opinion, but only because the arrows are thick and opaque. I am wondering, is it possible to ...
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Tools to study positions with partial information?

TL;DR Is there a chess engine or other tools to study a "position" where the exact location of certain pieces is not known? From the following chess position, a plan could be to win the a2 ...
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What's the fastest way to detect blunders with an engine?

My main goal is to detect blunders in chess games. I wrote a python program that loads a large pgn database and then analyses the games. I did it by letting Stockfish go through every game and every ...
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How to validate chess moves with a server? Winboard and Unity 2020.3

I'm looking for advice on how to implement online chess move validation using a winboard chess engine. I am creating a mobile battle chess game in Unity 2020.3. Right now I have the possible moves for ...
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