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Questions tagged [simultaneous]

Simultaneous chess is a form of chess where one player (typically of high rank) plays multiple games at the same time against other players.

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Blindfold Simultaneous software

Is there any chess software out there that will let one play blind and simultaneous? I really don't want to find guinea pigs for a couple of reasons, but I do want to learn how to play more than one ...
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Time control for casual clock simul at home

I have hosted a simul at our house last Sunday against 5 players who were friends and acquaintances of mine. It was fun, but it took a bit too long, because I allowed everyone to use as much time as ...
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Do one-on-one simul competitions exist?

I have occasionally played one-on-one two-board simuls: that is, two players, playing two games of chess, against each other, simultaneously. (Not to be confused with bughouse - no piece passing takes ...
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38 votes
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Is it bad etiquette to decline a draw offer when participating in a simul?

On LiChess, FM knightprince gave a simul where I participated (our game). I blundered a pawn played a pawn gambit, but managed to complicate things and won it back. Afterwards, the game would have ...
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Collusion in a simultaneous blindfold exhibition

When a blindfold expert plays several players simultaneously, there is a tacit assumption that the players will not collude. But suppose that the players are allowed to collude, and their goal is to ...
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Simultaneous exhibition rules

There are the FIDE Rules for Chess. This for different types of chess. Are there also official rules for Simultaneous exhibition chess? Where can I find them?
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What is the best strategy for simultaneous blindfold chess?

Recently, Timur Gareyev displayed tremendous prowness by playing many boards blindfolded. What is the best strategy to visualize each and every board? I already know the basics, like splitting the ...
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2 answers

Simul in which the GM has to make identical moves

Consider two simultaneous matches in which a GM plays against Players A and B, constrained by the rule that the GM must make identical board moves in both games. Players A and B can play as usual. ...
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Clock simul time control

We would like to organise a simultaneous exhibiton at our chess club, but as we only have the room booked for 2.5hrs, we fear that it might not be over in the given time. I've heard about clock simuls,...
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Should you state your rating if you want to play in a simul?

Gary Kasparov complains in Johannesburg simultaneous exhibition Is Gary right to be angry? Should you state the rating while playing in a simul? Isn't simul supposed to be a fun place where everyone ...
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Best opening in blind simultaneous chess

I am interested in blind simultaneous chess, where one person plays (blind) vs multiple (non-blind) opponents. What would be the best openings for either side? I would assume anything slow would be ...
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1 answer

clock simultaneous exhibition

In a clock simultaneous exhibition, would the exhibitor normally be given extra time to compensate for his/her walking time from board to board? The question was prompted by a scene in a movie (the "...
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2 votes
3 answers

In a simul what happens with timing when only one player is left?

When only one player is left in a simul, does he have to move at once or does he have 5 seconds per move?
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5 votes
1 answer

Have there been any simul round-robin games?

It occurred to me that it would be possible to have a match in which, say, each of 10 players play each other simultaneously twice. That is, if a regular simul match is a line of boards, this would be ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is there published advice on giving simuls?

I unexpectedly found myself giving a tiny simul recently. I won all the games, but it left me wondering if there is any published advice on how to handle simuls as the single player. (There is ...
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How can I get informed if a titled chess player will be holding a simul?

I would like to go to more simuls, but I'm unsure when they're held and at what location. How can I get informed of such information?
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What happens in this multiboard scenario?

You are playing 4 players at the same, you are black, white, black, white. Player 1 makes his move, you switch to player 2 and make the same move as player 1, and so on, with player 3's first move ...
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Is it common for super grandmasters to have the ability to play simultaneous blindfold chess?

Magnus Carlsen against 10 blindfolded. Timur Gareev plays 30 players blindfolded. I was wondering if these super grandmasters all can at least play 7 masters blindfolded and beat them.
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How to play chess against a large number of players simultaneously?

Lately, we have done an experiment in our chess club and liked it much. We were 4 players, and we wanted to play simultaneous each against each other. This setup worked (more or less, see the ...
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3 answers

Has there ever been a game where multiple humans play against a single chess computer?

I'm wondering if the following scenario has ever been played out: Once side of a chess game is played by multiple humans at once, collaboratively determining what the next move will be. This ...
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7 votes
6 answers

Is there any website where I can play simultaneous chess against many opponents?

This is purely for my fun (and also practice!), but is there any place online where I can play simultaneous chess against many opponents? This would be against human players, of course, not against ...
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12 votes
4 answers

How to play a Grandmaster in a simultaneous?

Would you play well known Opening theory, or avoid it? What other strategies would you employ to beat a GM in a simultaneous? I have my own strategies which I've used. See link in my profile. But what ...
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What openings should be played in a simul?

What openings are usually good for a simul? I'm assuming that it's an all-comers simul, so there could be strong players mixed in. Does the answer change if the strength of the opponents is known ...
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