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What do the -0 and -1 scores in the FIDE Grand Swiss mean?

Link to results The last two rounds saw three players score "-0" (GM Kollars Dmitrij and IM Amar Elham), and one person score "-1" (GM Fier Alexandr). They don't look like standard ...
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17 votes
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Nonstandard game results

Any standard chess game will end in 1:0,0:1,or 1/2:1/2. Can you give some games where very nonstandard results occurred (word of mouth is OK, but solid evidence is better)? By §E10.2, any individual ...
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5 votes
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What is the point of shark points?

In this tweet Benjamin Portheault gives this alternate scoring for the current Wijk event: Can anybody explain what is going on here beyond just Sharkpoints = Waste + Points? What are they supposed ...
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Swiss bye only half-point?

Scanning my old club zines, I tripped over a 1989 article where it says the (then :-) new FIDE rules gave a half point for a Swiss bye. Possibilities: a) The dude misunderstood the complicated rules. ...
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