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Questions tagged [scidb]

Questions about Scibd, an open-source chess database application whose name stands for "Scidb is a Chess Information Data Base".

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1 vote
2 answers

Conversion of Scid Datbase to PGN with only .sg4 and .sn4 files, missing .si4 file

I am trying to recover a scid database from 2019, but only have the respective .sg4 and .sn4 files left and am missing the .si4 file. From my understanding, the actual game data is stored in the .sg4 ...
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Is there a way to convert a .cbh file to PGN without a GUI?

I want to convert a .cbh file to PGN (or whatever format meta information (elo, player, score, etc) from which I can eventually convert to dataframe/json/anything easy to work with). The most popular ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Deleteing Tournaments in scidvspc

I have imported several twic zip files into scid which gave a lot of "illegal move" error messages. For obvious reasons, the vast majority of them are in "Rapid", "Blitz"...
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Comments from (commented !) games lost in "ChessBase to Scid on the go" conversion process [closed]

EDIT 1, 20/04/2020 In my question, I focused on the game Vachier-Lagrave vs Carlsen, Sinquefield Cup 7th, Saint Louis, 28/08/2019. It has annotations in english in my ChessBase database, and it has ...
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How to configure scidb to use ChessBase files like ChessBase?

I've just installed scidb, hoping that it would read my ChessBase Fritz Trainer collection.It was able to read the .CBH files but no video appears. I don't know if that is even supported.If it is, how ...
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1 answer

How to play against an engine using scidb?

I'v just installed the scidb chess database, and I can't figure how to play against an engine from there.Is this feature even supported ? If it is, how to use it ?
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