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Questions tagged [scid]

Acronym for "Shane's Chess Information Database", an open-source application to view, edit, and manage collections of chess games.

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2 Chess engines versing eachother in scid

How can I make 2 chess engines play against each other in Scid on serious game? I remember I managed to do that one time, but this time, I can't seem to find a way.
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Scid vs PC Score Graph

Is it possible to modify the source code to change the display of the score graph so that you are always at the bottom? Currently, the player playing White is always at the bottom.
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ChessBase and Scid vs Pc Annotation

I am legally blind, but I love to play chess. I like to annotate games. does it right in my opinion, but only because the arrows are thick and opaque. I am wondering, is it possible to ...
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Scid vs. PC: a hint needed

I have now installed Scid vs. PC and I have made my first move with White with 1. e4. Now the engine computes the position tree. How can I stop it and make it move with Black after some fixed time ? ...
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