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Question relating to sacrificing material in chess

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4 answers

Why doesn't Lichess' Stockfish suggest this bishop sacrifice?

I arrived at the following position in an online game after the opponent left a queen hanging. [FEN "r1b2r2/pp1p1ppk/2n1p3/6B1/2P5/5N2/PQ3PPP/R4RK1 w - - 0 16"] In the game, I played 16. Bf6 with ...
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1 answer

How do you search a chess database for exchange sacrifices?

I am looking for a way within any of the common chess packages to search for a specific maneuver, such as a rook capturing a protected. bishop. I've heard of CQL, but have never used it. I am curious ...
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Does this bishop sac when your knight is pinned to your queen have a name?

This is a common tactic in various openings. It goes like this: A bishop pins your knight to your queen You sacrifice your bishop with check to attract the king forward You give a check with your &...
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Where can I find this game with a sacrifice followed by a long series of checks leading to a discovered mate? [duplicate]

I am looking for a chess game and frankly, I really know very little about it. I remember seeing it somewhere on the Internet. The game goes something like this. A player (either White or Black) ...
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3 answers

Spectacular queen sacrifice game

I once watched a famous chess game that I can't find anymore and maybe someone could help me find it. The game I watched evolved somehow natural until one moment: player1 sacrifices its queen. The ...
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19 votes
4 answers

How do you judge a sacrifice?

I have been looking at several of Mikhail Tal's games recently, as they are exciting to analyze. Often Tal makes sacrifices in surprising positions, and almost always the computer finds that the ...
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Is this theoretical novelty double-piece sacrifice actually sound?

Working my way through Hannes Langrock's book on the modern Morra Gambit (second edition), I came across an interesting sacrifice that he believes is at best worth a draw. Indeed that's also Stockfish'...
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6 answers

How can I tell when to sacrifice?

What are factors to consider when and when not to sacrifice? For example, imagine in a game where your opponent puts his bishop in direct sight of yours and you're not sure whether to take it or not? ...
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How do I become less materialistic?

I've identified that the weaknesses in my game are: Materialism: Most of my wins are where I've won some material and converted the advantage in an endgame. However outside of this plan, e.g. ...
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How do you 'calculate' compensation in chess

Here is another very difficult subject for me that I can't even begin to understand [ incidentally, although I've been playing chess for over 50 years, my current ELO rating is only 1300, hence these ...
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