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Questions relating to the rules of chess

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How much would chess change if Black always had the last move?

In a hypothetical minor variant, could White's first-move advantage be compensated for by Black's right to last move? Normally, White wins have White play N+1 plies to Black's N. How would the game ...
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Why isn't chess played white 1 move, black 2 moves, white 2 moves and so on?

In turn based games like chess, the player playing the first move has an advantage the whole game. One way to "remedy" this is to let the player starting the game make one move (and have the ...
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My FIDE Initial Rating Calculation Problem

I’m working on path to get my initial FIDE rating. I joined 8 local FIDE rated tournaments with result as follow. Rating = Result Rapid Ratings November 2022 1083 = 0 Rapid Ratings March 2023 1142 =...
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What is the state of the new FIDE Arbiter Refresher Courses?

Related question here asking about the changes for the changes in the regulations for FIDE arbiters (FA and IA) which came into force two years ago. Previously the rules regarding inactivity for ...
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Time Trouble, Arbiter Trouble

Yesterday. Our club's summer tournament. One specialist A is in time trouble as always (to his defense, 90+30+no bonus) and no longer writes. The other specialist B still has 10 minutes and writes ...
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Ethics of scratch boards in puzzles

Re these questions: would a board for calculating "non-blindfold" help GMs in slow games? Ethics of scratch boards in live games There is a built-in feature of a 'scratch board' in ...
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How to validate chess moves with a server? Winboard and Unity 2020.3

I'm looking for advice on how to implement online chess move validation using a winboard chess engine. I am creating a mobile battle chess game in Unity 2020.3. Right now I have the possible moves for ...
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Roulette as tiebreak in 1983 candidates

From What are some cases where a drawn match went to the player w/ more black wins? : In the 1980 – 1981 candidates, where Lajos Portisch, as black, beat Boris Spassky in the 1st game of their ...
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What happens if drawn matches are decided by black wins (if any)?

In some round robins or swiss, there are score tiebreakers based on black wins, like the 2022 Accentus Chess960 tournament and the 2023 USCC. Never mind those. My question is for knockouts. Obviously ...
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