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When is it the right time to resign?

Most advanced players know when it is time to resign, but many beginners don't. What factors do you consider when it is time to resign?
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Is it poor sportsmanship to resign immediately after a major blunder early in the game?

In a recent (online) game in which I had black, my opponent played an opening variation with which I was unfamiliar. That, a very aggressive attack, and lack of adequate time to think through my moves ...
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2 answers

Has there been any blunders in resignation?

We know that despite what is shown in the movies and such, most chess games don't end by a "checkmate" move and oftentimes one side realizes that they are losing and resigns before the end. ...
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Can a player resign after checkmating their opponent?

A friend of mine recently told me that once, he checkmated his opponent and then immediately resigned because he thought his win was unfair. This happened in a FIDE-rated tournament. Searching the ...
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Resignation when a draw is offered

In a recent online game, I offered a draw when the endgame is clearly drawing. To my surprise, instead of replying to my draw offer, my opponent resigned. I have no idea why they did so and my best ...
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Can I resign if my opponent only has his King?

Well, obviously if my opponent has only a King, I cannot lose...either a win or a draw. Suppose I also have a Queen(Forced win). However suppose I want to lose (maybe I am winning and want to grant ...
8 votes
3 answers

If both players simultaneously resign, what is the result of the game?

Let's say a tournament decides to have special consolation prizes for players who finish in the 20th, 30th, 40th, and 50th positions. It does this to give incentive to players to keep playing all ...
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Is it wise to resign a game if the win is only apparent too many moves ahead?

I will clarify my question with an example: A grandmaster plays a game against stockfish, with a material handicap for stockfish, and the advantage is not clear for either of the players. Throughout ...
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