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14 votes
4 answers

What is the shortest possible game with 18 queens?

This question demonstrates a game in which all 16 pawns promote for a total of 18 queens on the board. It takes 80 moves... What is the shortest sequence of moves that achieves this goal?
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Trading queens in the opening

Which standard openings in chess usually pave the way for an early queen trade in the game? In other words, which opening has a high probability of exchanging the queens in the opening itself? Does ...
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When is a queen stronger than two rooks?

Two rooks are stronger than one queen. Let's assume that the material is equal, except that one player has a pair of rooks while the other player has a queen. In what situations is the queen stronger ...
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21 votes
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Maximum number of queens possible

I was thinking about what the maximum number of queens can be on the board after only legal moves. The theoretical upper bound would be 18, the original 2 queens plus 16 promoted pawns. However, to ...
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How to deal with your opponent's queen if your opponent rejects any trades?

If my opponent brings out his/her queen early in the game, I usually attack it with my own queen. The opponent can either accept the trade or reject it. If he/she accepts, I have no questions at all. ...
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Countering The Wayward Queen Attack

I'm a new player =I just started playing again after an over 10 year hiatus. I'm (sadly) in the 600s. I've been studying openings and I seem to do better in games where I can use the Italian game or ...
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18 votes
6 answers

How do I stop blundering my queen?

I have a particular bad habit when I play chess. I play reasonably well (at least by the standards of people I play with), and am quite careful with my pieces. But in about 80% of games I play, once I ...
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When is a queen better than 3 minor pieces (or vice versa)?

Obviously a lot is going to depend on the exact position, but I'm asking if there are any general signposts - e.g. bishops usually get better than knights if the position is open, or in an endgame, ...
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What is the best way to free your queen as soon as possible?

We can open games in many ways (any of the pawns or knights) and then go ahead with different strategies. The queen being the most important piece, I would like to get it out in the field without ...
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Beginner Chess Question: Bringing out my queen early?

Sometimes I bring my queen out early, however GMs say "Queen is vulnerable to attack and hinders development" I agree with that but most of the time I only bring it to f3 or around the 3rd-rank ex. b3/...
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2 answers

Q+N in attacking K

I've always been told that Q and N are very strong in attacking K. Could someone show me some real GM games where Q+N attack decides the game? (where at the end of the aggression, the attacking side ...
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Why is there association between a queenless position and the endgame?

Why does there seem to be some idea that trading queens is the start of the endgame? What does trading queens have to do with the endgame? Why are queenless positions often considered to be endgame ...
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Openings that reach endgames? [duplicate]

I'm looking for some openings for white and black that have a high probability of trading queens early on without being significantly worse. Does anyone know any openings that fit this criteria?
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How do you win with a queen against a rook? [duplicate]

It is considered that a Queen and King beats a Rook and King. Yet, the technique can be tricky. How is it done the best way?
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