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Questions tagged [queen-sacrifice]

For tactics that involve a queen sacrifice, whether accepted, or not.

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My next question on a sacrifice

I'm just staring at this sacrifice without seeing the solution, anyone kindly help to me ? [fen "4r1k1/3b1p2/6p1/1BPpn2p/7n/r3PqN1/2Q1RPPP/1R3NK1 w - - 0 1"] [Startflipped "1"]
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Can anyone explain this sacrifice?

Can anyone explain this sacrifice ?
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Can black win (or even draw) after 3. Qxf7 Kxf7?

Recently I've been watching a streamer who plays chess. He's been using an aggressive opening with 3. Qxf7 (when he's white). The opponent is forced to respond with Kxf7. And the streamer always wins ...
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History of this queen sacrifice in the 4 Knights

Arbiting an IM norm tournament last week I came across this position in one of the games. Both White's queen and bishop on a4 were en prise and it was Black's move! My initial reaction was that I must ...
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How can white force a quick win here?

This is from a tactics puzzle I encountered today. The given solution was 1. Qxf6 gxf6 2. Bxf6#,” but to me 1... Ne6 seems to halt white in his tracks, even if it does give up a rook. My moves as ...
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Why did black resign in this game?

Watching this video, it seemed after the highlighted point in the video that black was doomed, but from my view it was just materiel? After the exchange, white would have taken a rook and the queen (...
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10 answers

Shocking queen sacrifices?

I am a chess beginner and I find queen sacrifices are the most shocking moves I have ever seen. Please, can you provide me with some shocking examples of queen sacrifices. It need not be a big list, ...
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Why this is the best move?

I'm new here, so I just like chess and I don’t study too deeply. I could not understand the move Qxe5. Can someone explain to me?
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