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Questions concerning endgames that feature both rook(s) and queen(s) and possibly pawns but nothing else.

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I saw a master fail to win pawnless queen vs rook [closed]

The other day I witnessed a National Master fail to checkmate using a queen vs rook. While it was blitz, it seemed like the national master didn't know Philidor's position. Question: Is pawnless queen ...
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11 answers

How do you win with a queen against a rook?

What's the technique behind the moves of the stronger side in order to win? Are there situations where the side with K+R can force a draw against K+Q? I've read plenty of examples of K+Q vs K+R, but ...
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1 answer

Queen versus rook endgame: to check or not to check?

Most tutorials the K+Q versus K+R endgame claim that at some stage, the key is to force the rook away from the king, then it is supposed to be easy: give a series of checks and fork/skewer the rook. ...
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Is a queen vs rook endgame always winning?

Other than specific scenarios where the side with the rook can draw, is it always possible to win as the side with the queen in rook and queen endgames?
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Endgame - pawnless Queen + Rook vs Queen

Today, when I was playing end game I had a queen, a rook and a king (no pawns). My opponent had just a queen. It was his turn (the board was pretty blank) and he started giving continuous checks. I ...
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Queen & Rook endgames

Are there any general principles to playing endgames with all of the minor pieces exchanged? I often find myself in endgames with two rooks and a queen on either side, with no clear idea of how to ...
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How does Anna Rudolf beat Hikaru Nakamura in this rook vs queen endgame fortress that came from a choker game (chess + poker)?

Position that follows is from Anna Rudolf's video 'Challenging Top Chess Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura for a Choker Match!': [FEN "8/5p2/8/2qkp3/4R1P1/5P2/3KP3/8 b - - 0 1"] Also, here's a ...