Questions tagged [queen-and-knight-endgame]

Questions concerning endgames that feature queen(s), knight(s) (and kings) and possibly pawns but nothing else.

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How easy is Q vs. N supposed to be?

Reading the first chapters of Jeremy Silman’s endgame book I breezed through the exercises, as I expected. It starts with KRR vs K and KQ vs. R – even half-asleep I can do this reliably against a ...
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Three Knights vs one Queen, which is better?

Suppose the end game contains three knights and king only for white, and one queen and king only for black. Which side is considered to be in a stronger position? Value-wise, the knights are worth 9 ...
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What is the simplest method to win Queen vs Knight endgame?

What method requires the least amount of memorisation (doesn't have to be shortest path to victory) for the queen vs knight ending? I have looked at tablebases but the moves are somewhat bizarre and ...
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Can a King and Queen mate a King and Knight or is this a drawn game?

White has a King and a Queen. Black has a King and a Knight. It is White's move. Can White win or is this ending a draw?
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