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Often, a puzzle type of problem in which a tactical or positional solution is required, like White/Black to move and win”, in what is often a middlegame or endgame-esqe position. But a puzzle can also be a chess riddle, chess math, or any other non-normal chess problem. Questions about solving puzzles, puzzle apps and websites, how to understand the idea behind a puzzle, etc. are also on-topic.

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Chessboard Domination from Opening

From the opening position for black (with no white pieces on the board), what is the fewest number of moves in which we can dominate the entire board, that is, reach a position so that each square is ...
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What program/website shows the last captured piece in displaying the last move played in a position?

The following image appeared in the question Can anyone explain this sacrifice? You can see a pawn is captured. Sometimes a position will show the last move played or whose move it is but doesn't ...
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Creating a Position with Defined Possibilities within N Ply (for engine testing)

DEFINITIONS The definitions of "cook" and "dual" I'm using (which are the standard definitions if I understand them correctly) are: Cook: A position where the attacking side, on ...
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What makes alternative winning conditions good or bad in chess variants?

For chess variants that keep all or most of chess movement rules but with different winning conditions (can be in addition to the normal winning condition or replacing it), what properties/...
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What are the longest "golden sequences" in chess? (sacrificial middlegame attacks)

Initially, I was interested in the question "what are the longest sacrificial middlegame attacks?" ([Kasparov's Immortal] is one of the most famous sacrificial middlegame attacks). But this ...
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