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Often, a puzzle type of problem in which a tactical or positional solution is required, like White/Black to move and win”, in what is often a middlegame or endgame-esqe position. But a puzzle can also be a chess riddle, chess math, or any other non-normal chess problem. Questions about solving puzzles, puzzle apps and websites, how to understand the idea behind a puzzle, etc. are also on-topic.

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Chessboard Domination from Opening

From the opening position for black (with no white pieces on the board), what is the fewest number of moves in which we can dominate the entire board, that is, reach a position so that each square is ...
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Hexagonal Chess Puzzle - Black to play and win

Published in Hex Press 4 - September 1977 and taken from the game Armstrong vs Springgay Reminder of the rules here. Hint 1: If black could lure the white queen to g7 then Ne5+ would discover an ...
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Shatranj puzzle by Aladdin - white to play and win

[Title "White to play and win"] [fen "3qrb2/4k3/2p1NpRp/P3pPpP/2Pp2r1/BP1R1pP1/2Qnpr2/5B1K w - - 0 1"] This is attributed to Ala'Addin (aka Aladdin). Reminder, the rules of ...
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