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Chess problems consist of a board position and a task. Most ask for a line of play that mates black in a set amount of moves, or a combination that results in a winning position. Many other types exist, including, but not limited to, construction tasks for various positions and proof games that have numerous goals, selfmates, helpmates, and retrograde analysis. Tournaments and championships exist for composing of original problems and for speed-solving.

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A fun game (for problem composers, mostly...)

A game leading to a given position is called a proof game. Of course any proof game can be prepended with 1.Nf3 Nf6 2.Ng1 Ng8, so we defined a shortest proof game as, duh, the shortest possible proof ...
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Grimshaw in practical (OTB) game

Does anybody know of an example of the Grimshaw-Theme being used in a practical game? For the Nowotny there are several examples (e.g. Navara-Dergatschova, Ordix, 2007) and for the Plachutta there is ...
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Add as many potential moves as possible by move

8/8/7K/p7/R3b2k/6rP/4p3/4B1N1 w - - 0 1 This is an age old record by Shinkman: Black is stalemated if having the move, but the White move 1.Bb4 grants 32 moves. (Don't bother trying to top that...) ...
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Maximum saved moves to win caused by zugzwang

For a zugzwang where x>y and: If white has the move, White can force checkmate in x full moves If Black has the move, White can force checkmate in y full moves The score of such a zugzwang is x-y....
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What is the longest sequence of increasing White moves with only White pieces?

Inspired by a comment by @Evargalo on this question, I ponder how long a sequence can last where each turn, White has more available moves than the previous turn, in a situation with only White pieces ...
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The king fell off the board

Give a position (White to move) with the bK missing. If it is inserted on any legal square, it is mated in one move by the wQ, with a different mate for each square. (Point of side conditions: If you ...
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Chess problem where white mates on move 5 by underpromoting to a knight

The problem White must start with 1. e4. On move 5, white must underpromote to a knight for checkmate. IM Miodrag Perunovic told me recently that he sent this problem to Garry Kasparov for his ...
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Who proposed that S stand for knight in English chess problem notation?

A small barrier to entry to the chess problem world is that knights are denoted "S" rather than "N". This confusing usage comes over as snooty and precious, but unfortunately we ...
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What are the longest "golden sequences" in chess? (sacrificial middlegame attacks)

Initially, I was interested in the question "what are the longest sacrificial middlegame attacks?" ([Kasparov's Immortal] is one of the most famous sacrificial middlegame attacks). But this ...
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