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For questions about Polyglot, an adapter that allows UCI engines to use interfaces and GUIs supporting the Chess Engine Communication Protocol

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How to clean multiple pgn files in a folder all at once?

I wonder if it is possible somehow to clean multiple pgn's in a folder all at once? Now I use Scid on my Windows 11 Pc to clean the pgn's. I open the pgn's and export the pgn's again, (I overwrite the ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Program to merge chess opening polyglot database files with recalculation of weights

I have been trying to merge polyglot chess opening databases. When merging databases with existing programs, if any move in a position already exist in the first file, new moves from same position ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Looking for polyglot opening books

I understand the Polyglot opening format is open source, but I can't find available opening books for polyglot. I'm looking to use a book to automatically identify (and exclude) opening moves from a ...
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How to use Polyglot opening book bin file

I previously asked how to use polyglot in c# with a chess engine. My question then was not accurate. What I want to know is, what property(ies) of the bin file object I need to do the following: I ...
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