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The chess pieces have been assigned point values to serve as a general guide as to their relative worth.

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Why would one promote a pawn to a knight?

I know that it is makes no sense to promote a pawn to a bishop or a rook as the queen can compensate for both but a knight is something different. However, the queen is still much more powerful. So ...
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How many points is each chess piece worth?

I am a beginner at chess; please answer this question for me. How many points is each chess piece worth?
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How to determine the value of a piece from scratch?

Assume we have a standard chess set setup, but we make a slight change so that (for example) pawns can now move two squares forward on any move rather than just on their initial move. Even assuming ...
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Why is the rook worth 5 points while the bishop is only worth 3?

Why is the rook worth 5 points while the bishop is only worth 3? Rooks only move straight, but bishops only move diagonally. Is there something that makes moving straight advantageous to moving ...
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What relative point values of pieces do engines use?

Humans use: Pawn = 1 Knight = 3 Bishop = 3 Rook = 5 Queen = 9.5 Bishop pair = +0.5 But I would like to know what relative point values do engines use (preferably strong engines, like Stockfish, ...
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Are a pair of bishops of the same color usually worth less than a pair of bishops of different colors?

People have been discussing about the value of a pair of two bishops. I am wondering if two bishops are of the same color, are they generally worth less than a pair of bishops of different colors? ...
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How many pawns make up for a missing queen in the endgame?

My partner and I are newbies, and recently found ourselves in this position: FEN 8/8/8/6kp/p5p/8/K/6Q w [FEN "8/8/8/6kp/p5p/8/K/6Q w - - 0 1"] I expected white would easily win because of ...
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Relative value of chess pieces on queenside vs kingside

I've read a few variations on the relative value of chess pieces ( Q=9, R=5, N=3, B=3, P=1 ), but I've yet to encounter a variation in value according to the side of the board the piece is on. With ...
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Worth of a piece in time

Let us say that two players are playing each other. The are supposed to be in the same level (You can take that as an equal longtime ELO). They might be playing blitz, or rapid. But suddently, one of ...
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What are the piece values in's four player chess?

In's four-player chess, they evaluate the bishop and rook as an equal 5 points. But the geometry of the board is far more diagonal, perhaps making the bishop actually worth more than the ...
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Three Knights vs one Queen, which is better?

Suppose the end game contains three knights and king only for white, and one queen and king only for black. Which side is considered to be in a stronger position? Value-wise, the knights are worth 9 ...
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What is the point value of each chess piece? [duplicate]

I would like to know the point values of each chess piece. I forgot the values because I have not used that system in quite a long time.
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